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Léo Bodelle is first and foremost an artist, he primarily uses video and photography to express his work. I say first and foremost an artist because as a writer who has had the extreme pleasure of working with him on numerous projects he exudes the inquisitiveness and spark most artists new to their profession exhibit.  Léo is no novice however, he has studied his craft and continues to devote every inch of his character to create.


Léo was born in France, he now lives in London. The metropolis landscape he currently calls home ultimately influences his work, the majority of his ideas examine city architecture and he finds a way of beautifully intersecting them with the human condition. Travelling plays an important role in his work, you can see this reflected in his travel photography.

He is an eternal creative, one who finds inspiration and stimulus within every scenario, it is no surprise he also devotes his time to music and acting. Léo Bodelle is incredibly gifted, you find his interdisciplinary nature taken for granted not only by those he works with but most importantly himself, it’s a shame because his thirst and dedication to art seeps through his personality.


A joy to work with and an artist by any definition.


Ola Masha

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